Global Versus One World

Global implies many pieces spanning a large area. One World is the concept of one in unity. Are you living in a global or One World society and mindset? Think about go to market global Concepts  strategies in the information age. Global variety has emphasis. Global marketing strategies excel when recognizing the uniqueness of the targeted audiences. The unique approaches provide more responses than a general approach. Today information systems customized with tailored messages for customer segments eases company’s marketing efforts globally. How may One World apply in this situation? How about respect for each other? Global has a tone of trying to conquer something – to dominate. One World says be subtle and accept. Some believe that global strategies can lead to local compromise. Messages may be tailored for different audiences, but the company’s approach and core mission remains the same. How about one of communication, relations, respect, and acceptance? What an enjoyment to see that mission statement or promotional tag line. It may exist internally but not always communicated externally to the customer and market.

Workplace relationships challenge the idea of One World. Tiered leadership environments naturally bestow a segmented structure. Select employers bravely cultivate a One World feel within these environments. One example of success may be the demonstration of accepting the equality of the least paid and highest paid employees on the payroll. One World says that all roles are equally important – one in unity. What if all roles in the organization were on the same pay scale, regardless of the task? Individuals would choose roles that make them happy and enhance their life – money would have less significance. One World? How would this be applied in a global organization with employees around the globe? Reflect on this subject as it pertains to your life. What life factors register high on your satisfaction scale? Are you employed strictly for your income?

Communication and community enhancement through social media are mainstream. This is a wonderful example of a shift from global to One World. The introduction of the Internet demonstrated the global concept. Social media built within the Internet structure positions the One World concept within this global configuration. Interacting casually with someone important to you across the globe has never been easier. This has a One World feel. Personally, distance between people is seamless as you communicate with your family and friends as if they were in the building next door. Ever used Skype? The ability to keep these communication tools “free to the customer” has manufactured this phenomenon. From a workplace perspective, these mediums allow coworkers casual communication outside of the typical corporate communication means. Be cautious of your “work” messages on public social sites – to keep your employment. Businesses are also capitalizing on the popularity of the social media platforms in their advertising and relationship messages. Small businesses and network marketers find this especially helpful – the marketing investment is just right – little to no cost. Thanks to social companies like Facebook, marketing messages can be tailored to capture the uniqueness of the company’s target market. The company’s culture and approach set their choice of flavor of global versus One World in its messages, tone, and strategy.

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